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Light My Fire TinderSticks 180g-220g
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  • Easy to light even when wet
  • All natural and environmentally-friendly
  • Up to 80-percent resin content
  • It is the resin (oil) that burns, not the wood
  • Burns with a hot flame compared to paper and paraffin
 Light My Fire TinderSticks 180g-220g
Current ( Dec 14, 2017 ): $8.42
Low ( 7/18/2017 ):$5.99
High ( 8/24/2017 ):$10.50

Product Description

Fire Building Made Easy, The Pure And Natural Way. Don'T Build Your Fire With Noxious Fumes Or Harmful Chemicals. Use The Time-Honored, Organic Method. A Technique That Resembles The Centuries-Old Art Of The Native Fire-Builder. From The Heart Of The Ancient Mayan Empire Comes The Remarkable Product Known As Tinderdust. Tinderdust Is Made From Pino De Ocote, A Fatwood Pine Cultivated In The Highlands Of Guatemala And Mexico. With The 80% Resin Content, Tinderdust Is Easy To Light, And Produces An Extremely Hot Flame. Use Just A Pinch To Quickly Light Your Fire Or Barbecue.

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